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You’re Out How Long????

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

If you are a coach and one of your athletes has been injured, when do you put them back on the field?  When they tell you that they’re ready?  Do the parents decide?  Do you wait until they are cleared by a doctor?  What if the doctor says that they are out several weeks?  Do you make them sit the whole time?  What if that means that they will miss a big game?  Do you still follow what the doctor said?  Sometimes as a coach you must deal with issues like this.  So how do you handle it?

There are two major factors to keep in mind when dealing with these situations:

  1. What did the doctor say?  You should always follow the doctors wishes.  The only time to go against them is if you feel that a child isn’t ready and needs to sit out longer.
  2. Remember, this is a chance to teach kids (and maybe some parents) that the correct decision isn’t always the most popular one.  Do what is right.

While all of this seems very logical, it amazes me how often these two simple steps get forgotten.  It almost makes me wonder if we are really playing sports for the adults or for the kids.


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Suggested Reading

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Here’s a post from Sports Upgrade about safe training program design for adolescents.  It really applies to everyone so give it a read.

Using Common Sense

In the June issue of Pediatric Clinics of North America, there is an article on “Resistance Training for Adolescents“.  The authors make two points that I feel are imporant:   (continue)