Is Cheerleading A Sport?

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The Age Old Question

Cheerleading has gotten a lot of press recently.  If you have missed out on all of the hoopla, it all stems from a court case in Connecticut involving Quinnipiac University.  I’ll let you read the details of the court case yourself , but it’s basically the same argument that has been made before:  someone decides that they don’t like the way that Title 9 is being interpreted, so they suddenly claim that cheerleading shouldn’t be counted as a sport.  Of course, this never seems to come up unless some sport feels that they are being treated unfairly.  It leads us back to that often asked question, “Is cheerleading a sport”? 

What do Moms and Dads Think?

We can all probably agree that any girl (or guy for that matter) that is a cheerleader thinks that it is a sport.  What about the parents?  How about the mom that has to worry about her daughter getting hurt during a stunt?  What about the dad who sits in the stands all day watching his daughter in a cheer competition when he would rather be on the golf course? 

“But It’s Easy”

Somehow I doubt it’s as easy as you might think.  Cheerleading has evolved.  It is no longer just about girls yelling a few cheers and hoping to catch the eye of the starting QB.  Cheerleading has become almost a year round sport.  Just like baseball, basketball, and all of the others.  There is the “traditional” school cheer season from August until February, which usually overlaps with the competition season.  After a few weeks off (and I literally mean a few) the teams start up with tryouts and preparation for next season.  There are also multiple camps in the summer to help teams get better, just like for most other sports.  In my mind, this doesn’t sound too easy. 

Still Think It’s Not a Sport?

Ok, fair enough.  Each person is allowed their own opinion.  Just do me one favor – watch this video and think about the amount of athleticism that these cheerleaders are displaying, especially just before the 2 minute mark.  Compare what those girls did with some other sports.  Start with the Olympic sports of curling and rhythmic gymnastics, and then just to make things interesting, compare cheerleading to golf and bowling.  Still convinced it’s not a sport?




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