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About Us

My Kid Plays Sports was formed with the purpose of helping athletes, parents, and coaches who are involved in youth  sports. We realize that many of these individuals are looking for quality information so that they can make the most of their  athletic experiences.  We feel that youth sports should be a positive and rewarding experience for all who are involved.  Our goal is to assist those involved by providing:

  • Information on quality coaching techniques
  • Tips, techniques, and drills
  • Examples of sportsmanship, both good and bad
  • Interesting news from youth sports
  • Uniques opportunities for parents to interact

My Kid Plays Sports was founded by Mark Benedict.  Mr. Benedict has been a Certified Athletic Trainer through the  National Athletic Trainers Association since 1996.  He also holds the title of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  Mr. Benedict has served as the Head Athletic Trainer for four different high schools in Florida. During this time his primary responsibility has been the sports  medicine care for athletes in all sports at the schools. He has also worked in the sports performance industry and helped to train athletes from youth up through the professional ranks.

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